Collection: Tier 2 Builders Kit

The VCC Tier 2 Builder's Kt for the G&P Stoner 63  is a suite of products that adds onto the modularity, versatility and usability established by our Tier 1 Builder's kit. Not only does it add numerous features that are lacking in the original configuration of the G&P Stoner 63, but it reduces the weight by 4.5 over the stock configuration as well as makes disassembly for inner barrel and gearbox upgrades or maintenance simpler.

The Kit includes three main parts:

Upper M-LOK Heat Shield

Lower M-LOK Insert

Barrel Block Trunnion

Upper M-LOK Heat Shield

The Upper M-LOK Heat Shield is a MJF printed, nylon PA12 heat shield that replaces the original metal upper heat shield of the G&P Stoner 63. This lightweight replacement also features an picatinny rail section for mounting IR devices as well M-LOK sections for mounting switches such as ModButton, Unity TAPS, Unity AXOM and the numerous M-LOK mount adapters for other switches.

It also includes an integral light mount for SureFire pattern bodies such as those used by the SureFire Scout (non-Pro), Z-Bolt, ModLite, Arisaka, Cloud Defensive REIN and others. The light mount was designed to mount tight to the IR device to create the most space for the support hand and create a tight package for best maneuverability. The length was designed so a singe-cell light body will place the head of the light roughly even with the end of the muzzle device, and a two-cell would place the head close to the end of a suppressor. This reduces shadow created by the muzzle device or suppressor.

The Upper M-LOK Heat Shield also features a QD sling socket for use with QD slings. There are also adapters available for other slings that use HK-style hooks.

One of the most important, but easily missed features of the Upper M-LOK Heat Shield is how it mounts to the G&P Stoner 63. The original upper heat shield and others use two forks on either end of the front. These forks interface with two tabs inside the Stoner 63 receiver. The tabs are very fragile and can easily break when removing the the upper heat shield for disassembly, such as for inner barrel cleaning. We have also seen these tabs broken as a result of shipping from the G&P factory. We addressed this issue by creating a redesigned, solid mounting structure for the Upper M-LOK Heat Shield. It uses two included screws and attaches directly to the Lower M-LOK Insert at the front, and one screw at the rear to connect to Barrel Block Trunnion and Outer Barrel.

Lower M-LOK Insert 

The Lower M-LOK Insert, in addition to creating a stable mount for the Upper M-LOK Heat Shield, adds M-LOK mounting capability to the channel at the bottom of the receiver. This allows for the mounting of M-LOK grips, hand stops, even bipods and other accessories. It installs easily with two included screws to create a secure mount. Combined with our rib-system, this forms a stable connection with the Upper M-LOK Heat Shield, free from any flexing or bowing that can be seen in other similar products. It is also MJF printed from nylon PA12 and uses metal thread inserts to create durable threads.

Barrel Block Trunnion

The Barrel Block Trunnion is the block which the outer barrel mounts to. It is 

MJF printed from nylon PA12 and uses metal thread inserts to secure the outer barrel and receiver. It greatly reduces the weight compared to the original block. Additionally, it aids in disassembly by allowing it and the outer barrel to slide easily out of the receiver.   It also simplifies the design of the original barrel block trunnion by reducing the number of parts that can be easily lost during disassembly, speeding up the process. 


*The Tier 2 Kit is designed to be used as an add-on to the Tier 1 Kit. Use with other barrel and mag adapter is not guaranteed*

*The Tier 2 Kit is designed as a complete set of parts. They are not intended to be used separately or will not function unless used together*

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