Collection: Tier 1 Builder's Kit

The Tier 1 Builder's Kit is the barebones for external upgrades for the G&P Stoner 63, and the most requested basic products.

It includes 3 pieces:

11.5" Carbon Fiber Outer Barrel


Buttpad for Shortened Stock


Our 11.5" Carbon fiber is made from MJF printed Nylon PA12 and carbon fiber to create one of the lightest outer barrels on the market at under 4oz. For comparison, the stock barrel is 1lb 5oz. At 11.5" it also allows for greater the maneuverability, especially when adding suppressors. This generation of our barrel is improved over previous as it incorporates steel 14mm CCW threading for muzzle devices.

The original BMA (Box Mag Adapter) allow for the use of M249 pattern box magazines. Compared to the original metal bracket and bulky box mag, this dramatically reduces the bulk and weight on the Stoner. Our original BMA is MJF printed from nylon PA12 and installs quickly, with one screw, and without modification to your Stoner.


Our buttpad for shortened stocks allows the user to shorten the original polymer stock of the Stoner to a more modern, comfortable length of pull. Once shortened with a hacksaw or chopsaw, the buttpad creates a stable surface to shoulder against. Its textured to prevent slippage and ensures a tight fit on the stock to keep batteries or FCU's secure. It friction-fits into place to allow for tool-less and quick changing of batteries or FCU settings. It is also printed via MJF out of nylon PA12.


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