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Optic Rail

Optic Rail

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The VCC Optic Rail for the G&P Stoner 63 allows for the mounting of optics to the top cover of non-railed Stoner 63s. Its MJF printed nylon construction creates a sturdy platform for mounting optics. 

It consists of XXXXX slots to allow for mounting of various types of picatinny mounted optics. It is contoured to match the shape of the top cover seamlessly. It is designed so that the original stock all our adapters place a lower-third mount optic at ~2.3” height, perfect for passively using nods.

Installation requires the use of a 3/16” drill bit. We have included an alignment Jig which helps take the guess-work out of drilling the holes and ensures the rail is straight. 

It includes screws and locknuts to secure the rail to the top cover. 


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