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FT-5 Flat Faced Trigger

FT-5 Flat Faced Trigger

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Improve the form and function of your G&P Stoner 63 with the VCC FT-5 Flat Faced Trigger. This trigger drops into the G&P gearbox adds two main functional advantages; reduced take-up and reduced over-travel

Take-up is the distance the trigger needs to be pulled before a shot is fired.

Over-travel is how far the trigger is able to travel after the shot is fired.

Optimizing take-up and over travel to the user’s preference is important for maximizing first shot speed, and split times between shots.

The FT-5 Trigger can be customized by the user to fit their desired take-up and over-travel by sanding with sandpaper, or small flat file like jewelers file accordingly. A dremel can be used with a sanding drum, however this is not advised due to the speed at which it takes off material. Take your time and do this slowly, fitting the trigger in the shell and testing the take-up and over-travel as you go. 


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